Vipissy – After A Trip Lexi and Olivia

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Lexi and Olivia have just made it back from the airport. They are excited to be back home and away from the bustling crowds. The girls had their fair share of good times on their trip, but the long journey back deprived them of their fondest ways of spending their time together. Parking their luggage, girls haven’t even warmed up their seat before they are at each others’ legs and kissing playfully. Lexi takes first dibs on Olivia, pulling her panties down and licking her pussy. A playful tap on the sofa and Olivia knows exactly what Lexi wants. She sits herself on the back of the sofa, allowing Lexi a little more time to work on her before the pissing begins. Lexi, not wanting the fun to subside, reaches for a giant goblet. The girls sit on the top of the couch and criss-cross their streams before aiming downwards into the glass. The girls then sip and spit out their combined pool before dumping it over their hair. Lexi pees again, boldly splaying her legs as Olivia places the goblet beneath the apex formed between them. They alternate pissing on each other from above before Lexi signals to Olivia that she has to go one more time. Tucking her legs and pointing her feet upward, Lexi counts down to a massive piss that reaches high into the air and well onto Olivia’s face.


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