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Foxness – Learning to eat Daddys poo

This almost eighteen-minute video shows me being a horny girl because I’m eating my father’s excrement. I’ve eaten a lot the last three times to cover his dick and suck off.
I cleanly lick his asshole, pull out his shit, and then use my vibrator to sit on him while I smear and suck him till he cums. I had two incredible orgasms as a result of this approach Have fun, xo

Pulsifer Paprocki – Massive 1 lb 2 oz Shit for Slave

In front of you, I shit out a whopping one pound, two ounce lump of shit on a platter. I was still setting up when it started coming out because I was so desperate to shit. I weigh it, then place the dish directly in front of you, forcing you to eat it and smell it while I tease you behind my hot ass. After this one, we both have some cleaning to do!

Blond Blaster – Clean Mommys shithole

Greetings, toilet beta! My poop is a little runny and soft because my stomach hasn’t been feeling well. You’ll do a good job as my toilet slave and eat all my disgusting shit. Would you like to be a goddess’ servant? Make sure to express your gratitude for my cozy, silky poop that slides down your throat!