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Your life as my full time toilet slave worshiping not only mine buy my mans s.hit all starts with me slinking out of my closet wearing seductive lingerie. You are expecting to fuck me, you are obsessed with me. You are naturally submissive and Ive figured you out. I begin to humiliate you for thinking you were even man enough to fuck me. Look at yourself and then look at me. You know deep down you dont deserve or could even handle a woman like me. Instead I have a different man to please me tonight, meet Jeff. I show off my man right in front of your face and show you his large cock and describe how much better he is than you. While Im humiliating you Jeff is eating and I point out that he also eats like a man unlike your scrawny self so he also has huge manly shi.ts, Also unlike you. He better than you in every way. So if you want to have any use for either one of us, you are going to not only worship my ass but his too. Were going to go fuck and when we get back youre going to eat the meal hes preparing for you while I sit and watch. You want to earn the right to worship my shit as well? Prove it while jerking off to my man shi.tting right in your face and also jerk off into it. Then you have to eat it. Your life will now be chained in our bathroom and with the both of us feeding you, youll never go hungry. *iwantclips compliant


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